New Japanese language test to be introduced for the acquisition of residence status in Japan

In April 2019, the new status of residence “Specified Skill Worker” was introduced to allow foreign nationals to work in Japan.

About the “Specified Skill Worker” residence status

To apply for “Specified Skill Worker (i)”, it is necessary to pass a Japanese language test and a skills exam. Hence, the Japan Foundation will be conducting a new test, The Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese (JFT-Basic), as a Japanese language test that can be used to apply for the “Specified Skill Worker (i)” residence status.

* Level N4 or higher of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) can also be used to apply for the “Specified Skill Worker (i)” residence status. Those who have already passed level N4 or higher do not need to take JFT-Basic to apply for the “Specified Skill Worker (i)” residence status.

1.Characteristics of JFT-Basic

○ JFT-Basic measures if the test-taker has the ability to communicate in the Japanese language that is needed in everyday life situations in Japan. It assesses if the test-taker has the level of Japanese language proficiency to be able to engage in everyday conversation to a certain extent and handle daily life without difficulties, as required for foreign nationals seeking to reside in Japan under the “Specified Skill Worker (i)” residence status.  

○ Computers are used to set and answer questions at the test venues in each country. The test results are available immediately after the test has been completed.

○Tests are scheduled to be conducted six times a year. There are many opportunities to take the test.

○ The duration of the test is 60 minutes, and there are approximately 60 questions. There are reading questions (3 sections of “Script and Vocabulary”, “Conversation and Expression”, and “Reading Comprehension”) and listening questions (“Listening Comprehension” section). The test-taker then selects the most appropriate answer from among a number of answer options.    

2.Test implementation schedule

○Dates: October 27-30, 2019

 (The next test after that is scheduled to be held in January 2020.)

○Venue: In Phnom Penh (one location)

○Application method: Information will be provided in early September 2019.

○ Scheduled start date for applications: September 30, 2019

○ Test fee: US$22

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