A passionate man who vowed to devote his life to the movie, Director Huy Yaleng ហ៊ុយ យ៉ាឡេង (Age 41)

Huy Yaleng
(Fathers) Interaction with fans at the time of screening, 2020

A Cambodian movie theater that was temporarily suspended due to the effects of the new Coronavirus infection. While the movie theater is finally reopening and the returning of audiences, this year too, the Japan Film Festival, sponsored by The Japan Foundation Asia Center, will be held in November, and Japanese movies including the latest work will be on screening. On the other hand, while “horror movies” are popular in Cambodia, ‘Dumbei Kon – Fathers” (In short, “Fathers”), which describes a modern Cambodian family, has appeared before the arrival of Covid19 pandemic, However, it has caught the hearts of the younger generation of spectators. We asked the Director, who is creating a new trend in the Cambodian film industry, about the world of Cambodian film.