JFPP Small Grant Program

The Japan Foundation, Phnom Penh Liaison Office (hereinafter the JFPP) offers grants to support projects which fulfil the mission of The Japan Foundation as outlined below.

The Japan Foundation will implement intensively over the next 10 years the “Partnership to Co-create a Future with the Next Generation: WA Project 2.0,” a comprehensive people-to-people exchange initiative that aims to promote exchange among the next generation and develop human resources in Japan and ASEAN, to achieve the following:

  1. Build a strong relationship of trust between Japan and ASEAN for the future
  2. Strengthen multi-faceted human networks
  3. Collaborate to address global issues
  4. Nurture the next generation to serve as bridges
  5. Contribute to the further development of a multicultural society

JFPP Small Grant Program particularly supports projects that pursue initiatives outlined above that have clear project objectives and plans.

A. Promotion of Intellectual Dialogue and Support for Collaborative Research
B. Human Networking and Collaborative Projects in the Fields of Art, Theatre, Music, Audiovisual Contents, and Sports
for details, please refer to the Program Guidelines

  • Application Deadline
    • Three months before the starting day of the project.
      The project must be finished by the end of January 2025.
  • Contact
    • The Japan Foundation, Phnom Penh Liaison Office